It is always a pleasure to collaborate with fashion designers and artists.


Darkest Fox's mission is to celebrate sensuality by empowering individuals through bold, elegant aesthetics. We challenge the convention of externally worn lingerie in private settings by transforming this intimate piece of undergarment to be something that is worn discreetly (or not so discreetly) internally in public settings, as a reminder to the wearer that beauty and self-love starts from within.

In service to our mission, Darkest Fox curates emerging designer brands of cutting edge, elegant lingerie. We started business in the spring of 2016, working with local fashion designers in New York City to offer high quality intimates and accessories for the modern sophisticate. Our lingerie exudes sexiness and allure while honoring the body — which means no uncomfortable underwire bras nor tight straps and waistbands that leave marks on the skin. The end result is a collection of carefully selected products which all feature innovative designs that adjust to fit perfectly, expertly crafted garments with detailed stitching, and sumptuous cuts that accentuate the beauty of the human form.

Mabel Liang, Founder
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A Line Called K, designed by Atousa Ghanizadeh, is a streetwear line for men and women better known as Street Kouture. It is inspired by and designed for, the global dance community.

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