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Stethoscape Testimonials

My stethoscope antibacterial cover does more than just give my main ER tool a very cool and unique look. It has become a great conversation starter with patients. It also sends an unspoken message that their clinician appreciates and supports the arts. Kudos to the creators!
— Debra Smallwood, PA

I received my first stethoscape way back in 1996, a tropical fish scene. I have loved it. In my emergency practice and family life this colorful scene has calmed many a frightened child. It also serves as a unique conversation starter which helps personalize patient care interaction and communication. Only this year have I replaced it with a new antimicrobial beautiful tropical fish. Thank you Stethoscapes!
— Kathleen Dempsey, RN/PA, SCEP Emergency Services

Within moments of replacing the factory diaphragm with my ‘big dog’ Stethoscape, I received compliments from two patients. Later that same evening when I approached a tearful ten year patient to start his IV and used ‘big dog’ to change his tears to laughter, I realized this idea is a winner.
— Paula Mierau, RN Emergency Room Nurse

I have used the Stethoscape diaphragms for my stethoscope for several years and have received numerous compliments from patients and other medical personel. It is a clever idea and the images often ‘break the ice’ with fearful children and their parents. The sound quality is just as good as with the factory diaphragm. I like to vary my images from time to time to suit my mood, or to just try something different. I’M SOLD.
— John Fust, M.D. FACEP

My stethescape draws favorable comments from patients and other health care professionals everywhere I go.
— Richard Hencke, M.D. FACEP

Since I have been using my new Stethoscape, I have noticed excellent performance and sound quality. I have received so many compliments on the design. This is such a unique way to express your personal style in the work place. Fashion and function—what a combo. I highly recommend Stethoscapes.
— Jason Turner, RN Emergency Services

My patients love the designs (especially children)! I like the convenience of being able to pick my stethoscope out of a group from across a crowded ER. It’s obviously mine and no one grabs (or keeps) mine by mistake. Finally, I find that the crispness and clarity of sound are unchanged from the factory diaphragm. Thanks very much and keep up the great work!
— Dave Keenan, PA-C