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Stethoscope Overview

You will love your Stethoscapes on our fun colored stethoscopes.

We can ship them to you with your Stethoscape installed and ready for use.

We have two models to choose from in a variety of colors.

Out of stock on your favorite color? Contact us and we’ll order them right away.

High End Dual Head Stethoscopes 

Superior acoustic response with an ultra lightweight design in a variety of colors

$39.95     Shop » 

Sale $29.95


  • Combination adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from lightweight aluminum
  • Extra large 1.375" diameter bell
  • Highly sensitive 1.75" diaphragm
  • Non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rim for patient comfort
  • Internal spring binaurals are fixed at a 15º angle
  • Custom molded 22" PVC tubing
  • Black PVC eartips (large size) 
  • Weighs just 4.5 oz.
  • Overall length 31"
  • Latex Free


Basic Dual Head Stethoscopes 

Lightweight comfort, sensitive acoustics, and handsome styling in a variety of colors

$24.95     Shop » 

Sale $19.95


  • Combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece for wide frequency response
  • Lightweight aluminum chestpiece construction
  • Non-chill diaphragm rim for patient comfort
  • Proprietary diaphragm enhances acoustic response by 50% over traditional designs
  • Adjustable chrome-plated brass binaurals with PVC eartips
  • Flexible 22" PVC tubing
  • Spare pair of black mushroom eartips included
  • Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A
  • Diaphragm diameter 1.75", bell diameter .75"
  • Overall length 32.5" 
  • Latex Free

Ultra-lite Cardiology Stethoscope

Performance at a fraction of the weight in a variety of colors

$89.95     Shop » 

Sale $79.95


  • Combination chestpiece precisely CNC machined to exacting tolerances from ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Extra-deep bell for unsurpassed low-frequency response
  • Cardiology headset with large bore aluminum binaurals are fixed at 15° angle to maximize comfort and acoustic seal
  • Bi-lumen (dual bore) 19" PVC tubing stays soft and flexible
  • Adsoft™ threaded PVC eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal
  • Includes accessory kit with spare diaphgram, extra Adsoft™ and standard eartips
  • Scope ID Tag included
  • Weighs JUST 4.5 oz. (130 gr.)
  • Overall length 28"
  • Assembled, inspected and packaged in the USA