Stethoscapes FAQ

What is a Stethoscape?

A stethoscape is a personalized diaphragm replacement for your stethoscope.

Why would I want a Stethoscape? 

It’s fun to personalize your stethoscope. Face it, that dull gray diaphragm is just plain BORING! Liven it up with an image from our galleries, or customize your own unique Stethoscape. We guarantee a great response from your patients! Many patients are tense, frightened, or find the medical setting a bit impersonal. We have found that a stethescape helps dissolve those perceptions by bringing an extra human touch to the bedside. You will never lose your stethoscope again. Once you have “stethoscaped” it, forget about it. Your stethoscope is now identifiable from all the others on your unit or rig.

What kind of stethoscope will accept a Stethoscape diaphragm?

Just about any adult sized non-Sprague style stethoscope with a diaphragm diameter of 1.75" can accept a stethoscape. Budget generic and higher end Littmann scopes all have removable and replaceable diaphragms. Rubber O-ring or metal screw rings make no difference, other than the metal ring type may require slight trimming of the diaphragm with basic scissors.

What stethoscopes will not accept a stethoscape diaphragm? 

Not compatible with sprague style of any size, pediatric/infant of any kind, or diaphragms that oblong circles and curved, such as a Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope.

How do I install my Stethoscape?

It’s easy. If you have never replaced your diaphragm, just follow the instructions here, in your package, or have a colleague show you. 


Step 1

Gently remove the rubber O ring from the head of your stethoscope.



Step 2

Remove the old diaphragm and center your new diaphragm on the bell.


Step 3

Gently insert rubber O ring in slotted groove on the stethoscope bell. Continue seating O ring around the bell in one direction until O ring snaps into place.


That is it!

Now you can enjoy your new Stethoscape. It is durable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe.

Note: If your stethoscope has a metal O ring instead of rubber, some minor trimming of the Stethoscape may be necessary with basic scissors.

Will I be able to hear as well with the Stethoscape diaphragm?

Yes. You will enjoy clear, crisp sound using your personalized Stethoscape diaphragm. We can detect no difference in hearing lung, blood pressure, blood flow, or heart sounds. In fact, you may notice an improvement in hearing sensitivity. Stethoscapes have been field tested for several years in a busy emergency department by nurses, physicians, technicians, and respiratory therapists with no complaints of loss of sound quality. Here what our customers have to say.

Are Stethoscapes antimicrobial?

Yes. Stethoscapes are not just fun and pretty, they are antimicrobial too.

What is antimicrobial?
Antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans.

Did you know this about stethoscopes?
Most stethoscope manufacturers do NOT use an antimicrobial material on their diaphragms.

Stethoscapes are not just fun and pretty, they are antimicrobial.
Stethoscapes are coated and sealed with an antimicrobial material. This helps prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria and destructive molds, mildews and fungi. This is very important if you need to maintain a hygienic environment. Your Stethoscape will be microbe free, and continue to remain so 24/7, reducing any cross-infections. It is recommended you replace your Stethoscape every 6 months just like any other diaphragm replacement.

How does the antimicrobial material work?
Bacteria and other damaging microbes are everywhere. A single infectious bacterium can reproduce a million times in just one hour. Some can survive for months. It makes sense to limit our exposure to them. At the heart of material is the element silver, a natural antimicrobial agent especially effective against the broadest range of microbes. The antimicrobial silver kills or inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, molds and fungi. Historically it has been used in some medical applications and as protection against food and water spoilage. The antimicrobial material has a surface on which microbes simply cannot survive because their lifecycle is interrupted and their reproductive capabilities are severely affected. Silver, the antimicrobial agent, is released at the surface by surface moisture. It kills bacteria and inhibits their growth.

What the experts say about the antimicrobial material we use.

  • Studies have shown the antimicrobial agent is less toxic than table salt.
  • The EPA has registered the antimicrobial agent for use around food and water, as well as other uses.
  • The FDA lists the antimicrobial agent in its food contact substance notification in 21-CFR. 
  • The USDA lists the antimicrobial agent as safe for food processing plants.
  • The antimicrobial protection is not affected by cleaning or use. 
  • The antimicrobial protection is long-lasting.

How do I clean my Stethoscape? 

Use a damp cloth, alcohol, or disinfectant. It is recommended you replace your Stethoscape every 6 months just like any other diaphragm replacement.

What if I am not happy with my Stethoscape?

30 day no quibble 100% money back guarantee. Just mail it back and we will send you a refund.

Can I use my own images on the Stethoscape?

Yes. We accept custom orders from images you send us. See the Custom page for more information.

Are there more images besides your galleries?

Yes. You can choose images from the photography galleries of Julia Held and Lance Miller. Just contact us and let us know which image you like and we check and see if it will make a great Stethoscape and send you a preview.

Do you sell stethoscopes?


How fast will my Stethoscape ship?

It takes about 3-4 days for standard orders and 4-7 days for custom orders. We ship using USPS standard shipping.

Can I get a discount for larger orders?

Yes. Contact Julia Held for a quote at